Since 1993, Standard Titanium has succeeded in understanding the needs of the titanium industry and creating reliable products to serve customers.

Standard Titanium is a Chinese titanium manufacturer and distributor based in Xi’an, China. Our company dates back to 1993 and is one of the most established and reputable titanium companies in China. Our company is located in Shaanxi Province, the centre of titanium production in China.
Our company strives to bring high quality and low priced titanium products to market in the most direct and cost effective way. Alongside our production base in Xi’an, we have worldwide locations providing a local stock in a wide choice of metal bar, plate, sheet, pipe & tube. Our Xi’an based sales division can also provide additional high performance metal mill merchandise. Ensuring high quality is key to the success of our business and we are renowned both locally and internationally for our continual focus on quality and delivery. Our major markets are chemical process industry, oil and gas, electrical energy, medical, aerospace and defense, automotive, food equipment and appliance, machine and cutting tool, and construction and mining.
Titanium International Standards

Our History & Future

Company Founded

1993: A group of metallurgists and engineers, inspired by the potential of titanium, establishes Standard Titanium.

Alloy Manufacture

1997: Standard Titanium pioneers the development of new alloys and manufacturing processes, laying the groundwork for future advancements in titanium production.

Industrial Applications

2004: The company expands its operations to meet the growing demand for titanium in industrial sectors such as marine engineering, chemical processing, and biomedical implants.

Sustainable Practices

2009: In response to increasing environmental concerns, Standard Titanium implements sustainable manufacturing practices, including recycling initiatives and energy-efficient processes.

Alloy Manufacture

2013: Capitalizing on the growing demand for titanium in emerging markets, Standard Titanium establishes production facilities in Asia and South America, expanding its global footprint.

Digital Integration

2020: Standard Titanium adopts advanced digital technologies such as additive manufacturing and artificial intelligence to enhance product development and customization capabilities.

Future Outlook

2020s and Beyond: Standard Titanium continues to lead the titanium industry through ongoing innovation, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to sustainability, shaping the future of aerospace, automotive, medical, and other high-tech industries with its cutting-edge titanium solutions.



NORSOK M-650 is a standard developed by the Norwegian petroleum industry to ensure the qualification of manufacturers for special materials, focusing on their production capabilities and quality control processes. It provides guidelines and requirements for the manufacture, testing, and certification of materials used in offshore and onshore facilities.

CE Certified

The CE mark indicates that a product meets European Union safety, health, and environmental protection standards, allowing it to be sold within the European Economic Area. It signifies compliance with relevant EU legislation and ensures the product can move freely across member states.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is an international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS), helping organizations ensure they meet customer and regulatory requirements while continually improving their processes. It is part of the broader ISO 9000 family of standards, which focuses on various aspects of quality management.


The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) is a European Union directive that sets essential safety standards for the design, manufacture, and conformity assessment of pressure equipment and assemblies. It aims to ensure the free movement of such equipment within the EU while maintaining a high level of safety.

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