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At Standard Titanium, we have the experience and skill to produce an assortment of latches and fittings for the clinical and dental industry. Regardless of whether it’s a screw, pin or bone plate, we keep up a duty to our clients—and eventually their patients—to gracefully the most ideal item. As a biocompatible metal, titanium remains the material of decision among the human services network. From hip attachments to pacemakers, its erosion opposition and light weight gives dependable solidarity to clinical gadgets.
Utilizing just premium materials, we produce tweaked parts to meet our clients’ careful item particulars utilizing a cycle that is effectively replicable for enormous request amounts. As an ISO-9001 affirmed maker, we maintain exacting quality and security guidelines. The entirety of our clinical and dental parts cling to the Quality System Regulation Code Part 820 built up by the Food and Drug Administration.

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