Benefits of titanium for the human body

Titanium for human body

Titanium is a metal material,which can be used in the field like artificial joints, dental implants etc , is famous for it’s corrosion resistance for human body, aesthetics , bio-compatibility ,adjust blood pressure, promotes tissue repair etc, meanwhile we need to use them by the guidance of doctors.

1.Good corrosion resistance

Due to the relatively stable nature of titanium,it can resist the corrosion of human secretions and not easy to lead to corrosion damage during using.


After titanium is implanted in the human body,it can work well with the surrounding tissues,and there will be no abnormal breathing,making the lesion more beautiful.


Titanium has a good bio-compatibility , after being implanted in the human body, it can be better compatible with organs and tissues,which is conducive to the better growth of human tissues.

4.Adjust blood pressure

Titanium also has the good effect of promoting and improving the blood circulation system of human body, avoiding the continuous rise of peripheral vascular pressure and regulating blood pressure.

5.Help tissue repair

Titanium can form a thermal isolation layer in the interior of the human body,which can reduce heat dissipation and promote tissue repair or regeneration of the body.

A huge amount of hosptials have used titanium in surgical and dental equipment since the 1940s. Nowadays, it can be found in various ways of biomedical implants such as pacemakers, eye implants, and hearing aids.

Titanium possesses a vital function to bind with bone and living tissue, making it an ideal material. Because of its strength and increased resistance to corrosion, it is well-suited to many other medical instruments at the same time.

There do have one thing need to mention, some people are relatively sensitive ,and there may be allergic reactions to titanium,which can easily induce skin itching or redness, so related tests should also be done before using.But most people have a great time when they use titanium.

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