Titanium Alloy–Miracle in Medical Implants

Titanium alloy’s biomedical applications are growing due to its unique properties, making it a popular choice for implants. However, the toxicity of traditional alloys prompts researchers to explore new, vanadium-free alternatives.

Titanium alloy in the realm of innovative medicine

  • Scientists have created new titanium alloys like Ti6Al-7Nb, Ti-13Nb13Zr, and Ti-12Mo6Zr to overcome limitations of Ti-6Al-4V alloys.
  • These alloys retain titanium’s properties and prevent harmful element release, making them safer for permanent implants.
  • Titanium and its oxides exhibit excellent biocompatibility in biomedical fields.

  • In vivo and in vitro experiments show titanium’s oxide layer forms a stable interface between implant and bone, promoting bone integration.

  • Commercial pure titanium is recognized as one of the most biocompatible metal materials.

Dental Applications of Titanium Alloy

  1. Widely used in dental implants, crowns, bridges.

  2. Commercial pure titanium preferred for intraosseous dental implants due to biocompatibility and mechanical properties.

  3. Various grades of titanium materials developed to meet different clinical needs.

  4.  Dental implants divided into bone integration type, micro implant, and cheekbone type.

  5. Each type has unique mechanical properties and requires cpTi or titanium alloy.

  6. Osseous dental implants typically screw-shaped and made of cpTi or Ti-6Al-4V for stability.

Challenges and future prospects

Titanium alloys have made significant strides in biomedicine, but still face challenges like Young’s modulus mismatch and increasing implant performance requirements. Future research should focus on developing new titanium alloy materials, studying the interaction mechanism between titanium alloy and human tissue, and exploring composite applications. This innovation will contribute to human health and broaden the application prospects of titanium alloys in the biomedical field.

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