Are you allergic to metal jewelry? Try titanium jewelry

Gold and platinum should be the top choice for jewelry.But in recent years titanium metal has become increasingly popular in international jewelry design. Titanium metal is progressively accepted and acknowledged by the majority of artists. So why does titanium stand apart from other jewelry materials? Obviously, this is due to some of its unique traits.


Titanium Jewelry

The relative densities of gold and platinum are 19.32g/cm3 and 21.45 /cm3, while titanium’s density is just 4.51g/cm3. Titanium jewelry is approximately one-fourth the weight of conventional precious metal jewelry. Titanium is a dense, rough metal. It provides a solution to the long-standing problem of ornamental wear and tear in the jewelry industry. Titanium may significantly lower the weight of jewelry, making the experience of wearing high-end jewelry more comfortable.


Typically, metals have a single hue. However, colorful is linked with titanium. Electrolysis and chemical treatment can produce a variety of hues on the titanium surface. Titanium metal is put in an electrolyte and oxidized by changing the voltage while keeping the current and time constant. This process produces a rutile oxide film. With varying oxide film thickness, it can strongly reflect and refract light and make interference colors on the surface.This can create a wide range of pure color or gradual visual effects. Compared to traditional jewelry materials, titanium’s colorful surface are often eye-catching. This helps designers break out of traditional limits and find new ways to be creative. The color effect can always be kept at room temperature due to its stability.


Titanium Jewelry
Titanium metal is non-toxic to the human body, satisfying the need for health and life. Medical practice has demonstrated that titanium organs can be transplanted in humans for an extended period of time. Good biocompatibility and stability of titanium jewelry in long-term interaction with the human body prevents the development of allergic reactions. There are no negative effects on the skin, nerves, or taste. Consequently, titanium jewelry is the best option for those with skin sensitivities.
Titanium has progressively gained popularity among several major brands in recent years and is now a “new favorite” in the jewelry field.
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