Precious metal—Titanium

Titanium jewelry
Discovered in the late 18th century, titanium is widely used in precise instruments, aerospace and military fields. It is now utilized in civilian fields such as manufacturing equipment and daily necessities. One of the unanticipated application of titanium is in jewelry. Titanium is favored by jewelry designers because of its many excellent properties.
It is common to observe jewelry designers expressing their artistic views through elaborate and loud design work. Weight consequently becomes a more crucial consideration when choosing the material for jewelry. The weight of titanium is less than one fifth that of gold if the volume is the same. The impact of weight on the wearing effect of jewelry in greater volume jewelry works won’t be a concern for designers if titanium is selected as the manufacturing material. In addition, lightweight jewelry provides a superior wearing experience and is more comfortable for the wearer.
Titanium is adored by jewelry designers due to its material properties as well as its light weight and exaggerated aesthetic ideas. The more popular silver jewelry available now needs to be cared for frequently to preserve the surface brilliance because it will oxidize and turn black when left unattended for an extended period of time. Titanium resists rusting in environments with strong acids and strong alkalis, and it also generates a dense oxide layer at normal temperature that is resistant to external influences and changes in appearance, helping to preserve jewelry in its most authentic state.
Since titanium is a silver-white metal that appears gray to the naked eye, It is difficult to associate the dark and hard metal with dazzling jewelry. But after treatment, titanium displays a wide range of colors that not only serve as inspiration for jewelry makers but also enhance the jewelry’s aesthetic appeal.
Titanium jewelry 2
The surface treatment process of titanium is also rather unique; the metal is colored by an electrolytic process, and all colors may be achieved by varying the thickness of the oxide film, which is tougher than titanium. It could be more favorable to realize beautiful jewelry shapes because of its great hardness. Even a modest design can resist being easily influenced by outside influences and retaining its shape while being worn, as well as guarding against scratches on the jewelry’s surface.
Light weight, high hardness, and rich colors, in addition to these advantages that are beneficial to designers to realize their works, the most unique biophilicity of titanium material reflects the uniqueness of titanium jewelry. Many people with allergies have limited choices when wearing jewelry. Except for pure gold and silver, it is difficult to choose other jewelry. Titanium is a biophilic metal. Earrings and necklaces made of titanium can inhibit bacteria, prevent allergies, and those with sensitive skin People can also wear it with confidence.
With a number of excellent performances and distinctive colors that are different from ordinary jewelry, coupled with a small number of consumers, titanium jewelry is more like a treasured metal decorative art that symbolizes high-end.
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