The Application of Titanium  Basket

Titanium basket is composed of three parts: titanium frame plate,  mesh and hook, and usually it is made of high-quality industrial Grade 2 pure titanium . Titanium has a purity of 99.7% and a high corrosion resistance, meanwhile, it is suitable for loading anode materials in various electroplating tanks. With precision welding technology, the welding joints are tight and firm. Furthermore, the titanium basket has an oxide film on the surface, under normal electroplating conditions, it can prevent the current from passing through the titanium basket.

Application and Characteristics

Titanium mesh basket can be used in a variety of industries, such as high temperature resistant filter net, food processing, medical filtration, marine manufacturing, military manufacturing, chemical strainer, mechanical filter element, electromagnetic shielding net, electroplating, seawater desalination strainer, high temperature electric furnace heat treatment tray mesh, and petroleum strainer.
In electroplating industry, titanium baskets are primarily used for nickel plating and acid copper plating. Titanium mesh basket can withstand corrosion from fluoboric acid(HBF4), and it also exhibits good corrosion resistance to other acids such as sulfuric(H2SO4), boric(H3BO3), hydrochloric(HCI), sulfonic, as well as their salt solutions.

The Design Points of Titanium basket

The electrical conductibility of titanium is poor, generally in the water outside the hook current is not greater than 0.24A/mm2, the hook current in the water is not greater than 1.5A/mm2, otherwise the hook will heating, resulting in rising the temperature of electroplate liquid, increasing the cooling capacity and waste of electric energy,

Generally, the contact between the titanium basket hook and the electrode does not use a flat or round surface contact, this way is easy to cause poor contact, and resulting in spot corrosion of the electrode

The advantages of titanium basket:

  • Control the anode and anode area ratio effectively.
  •  Good solubility properties, less anode slime.
  • Easy to load and replenish anode material.
  • The anode material is used completely, which saves energy and money.
  • Preventing uneven current distribution due to lower part dissolution when using anode plates or strips.
  • Improving the anode’s loading capacity, increasing the area of the dissolved anode, and decreasing anodic passivity
  • Constant deposition, evenly distributed current, excellent anode efficiency, minimal voltage loss, and consumability.

Precautions for using titanium basket

  •  Titanium basket mouth should be slightly above the liquid level to prevent the outflow of anode slime.
  • The lower end of the titanium mesh basket should be higher than the parts 100~150mm, to avoid the lower part of the current is too concentrated and cause burning.
  • Titanium basket and anode bag were soaked in 10% alkali liquor for 6-8 hours, rinsing with water, and then soaked in 5% dilute sulfuric acid.
  • Titanium basket and the anode should be in close contact, otherwise the anode potential on the titanium basket will rise sharply, Oxygen evolution and chlorine evolution reactions will occur on the surface of the titanium mesh basket,and causing damage and the oxidation of additives.
  • In order to prevent the coating from burring, the anode bag is applied outside the titanium basket, the bag is usually used for a long time without removal, so it is recommended to use the “double-ply bag” method.
  • The anode bag should be tightly wrapped around the mouth of the titanium basket, and there should be a few centimeters gap at the bottom of the bag, so as to store the anode slime may be produced.
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