Titanium Leads to a Healthy Life

Titanium daily necessities

In recent years, people’s  pursuit of high quality life is getting higher, and more people choose to use healthier products. Therefore, pure titanium daily necessities have also been widely used. Titanium bowls, spoons and cups with light weight and beautiful designs have been favored by the majority of consumers.

Advantages of Titanium Civilian Products

  • Health: Titanium does not contain any harmful and toxic elements. It is the ideal healthy tableware material.
  • Environmental Protection: Pure titanium does not pollute the earth and air environment.
  • Light Weight: The density of titanium is lower than steel. For the same volume and strength, the weight of titanium products is less than steel products.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Titanium can remain stable in many media.
  • High Temperature Resistance: The melting point of titanium is 1668°C. It can be used for long periods at temperatures up to 600°C.

Types of Titanium Civilian Products

In the titanium civilian products, the style of titanium vacuum cup is the most abundant. Titanium vacuum cups are available in the basic style as well as a pop cover cup with a filter, and a smart style vacuum cup with a temperature display on the cup cover. The variety of cup styles meets different needs of consumers, and also opens up the market for titanium civilian products.

Besides titanium vacuum cups, titanium chopsticks also come in a variety of styles . In addition to the titanium natural color, many colors and patterns can also be added to chopstickes through the process. While ensuring material health, it also achieves the beauty of tableware. Because of the low surface hardness, former titanium chopsticks often have dark gray scratches that couldn’t be removed when they scrape against ceramic tableware. Although the scratches are harmless to human body, they would affect the beauty of the tableware and reduce the comfort of user using them. With the continuous upgrading of titanium tableware, they have been hardened, and will no longer have scratches.

In addition, the pure titanium tea boiler are also very popular with consumers. Because the tea leaf is alkaline but the tea soup is acidic, in the process of high temperature tea boiling, acidic and alkaline environment will make the stainless steel chemical reaction.Sometimes, part of the metal elements will be precipitated. They are not only mixed into tea soup to affect its taste, but also affect people’s health. However, titanium will not corrode in a solution of strong acid and alkali. When titanium contacts with air, it will form a dense and stable oxide film with strong adhesion and good protection on its surface. This oxide film makes titanium with super corrosion resistance.It can also effectively resist the erosion of various corrosive substances. Even if damaged by external forces, the oxide film will be quickly regenerated. The pure titanium tea boiler is able to retain the original flavor of tea soup and the aroma of tea leaves when boiling tea, providing a superior experience in taste and flavor.
Titanium is also widely used in outdoor cookware and tableware because of its light weight and high strength. In the outdoor environment, titanium tableware is easy to carry and use, so well-liked by the majority of camping enthusiasts.


From the current market situation, titanium civilian products in recent years have a great technological improvement, and also a leapfrog development in the style and practicality aspects. The majority of consumers have a more comprehensive understanding of titanium products while pursuing a healthy life. However, titanium civilian products still have great potential for development. The current titanium civilian products need to be improved in the style design, product concept and other aspects. There is still a large space for the transition from the product to commodity. This is also the striving direction of technical research and product innovation.Situated at the centre of titanium production in China, Standard Titanium Co. brings the lowest pricing and highest engineering standards for metals to the market. Confident that we cannot be beaten on prices and quality we have introduced our price promise guarantee. Customers worldwide choose Standard Titanium as their trusted and reliable supplier of titanium and CuNi mill and finished products.

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