Titanium in Marine Application

Titanium alloy materials’ corrosion resistance is widely used on ships, not only in large equipment like shipbuilding and cabin facilities, but also in most other parts and components like electronic information systems, power systems, auxiliary systems, hull structures, propulsion systems, and so on. The majority of titanium materials are employed in hull structures, power propulsion …

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Marine Power Propulsion Unit

Titanium in Casing Field

The introduction of titanium materials into the casing industry began with laptop casings. Titanium, being the same metal, is three to four times stronger and more durable than aluminum-magnesium alloys, while being less in weight. Titanium’s thickness of just 0.5mm is half that of aluminum-magnesium, making it a perfect material for pricey, highly equipped high-end …

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Titanium Cell Phone casing

Titanium Clad Plate

Titanium and its alloys are the significant strategic metals, with enormous strategic importance for national defense, economic development, and social development.The advantages and disadvantages of titanium and titanium products are readily apparent. The advantages include excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, low density, high toughness, etc. When employed as a structural component, the production cost of …

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Titanium steel clad plate
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