Titanium Spring

Spring is an unique part that is widely used in various fields, such as automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, computers, clock etc. The spring’s primary function is stress absorption and energy storage. Steel is now the most extensively used spring material, as it requires great strength and an elastic limit. However, as the steel’s strength and hardness grow, so […]

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titanium spring

Titanium Eyeglasses Frame

Currently, pure titanium, Ti-Ni alloy, and β-titanium alloy are used to make eyeglasses frames. These alloys are preferred by consumers because to their benefits of corrosion resistance, low weight, super flexibility, and lack of discoloration. After overcoming titanium processing challenges, Japan Optical Industries, Inc. sold the world’s first titanium eyeglasses frames in 1981 under the

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Titanium Eyeglasses Frame

Anodizing Process of Titanium

Anodizing is a conventional method of electrolytically oxidizing the surface of metals and their alloys to generate an oxide coating. This method produces oxide films with uniform color, corrosion resistance, high adhesion, and biocompatibility. It is commonly utilized in contemporary biomedicine and aerospace industry. Titanium is anodized using titanium as the anode and other metals

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Anodizing Process of Titanium
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