Straightening of Titanium Rod, Wire and Titanium Tube

As part of the manufacturing of titanium and processing, titanium will undergo some kind of straightening as some point in the processing. The common straightening methods of titanium rod,titanium wire and titanium tube are: stretcher straightening, sinusoidal straightening, gag straightening, etc. Stretcher straightening, also known as drawing straightening, is a method of correcting shape defects by […]

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Titanium Straight Wire

Titanium Vessel

All-titanium vessel uses the titanium material for all major components, including the shell, head, and nozzle. Minor parts may be made of materials other than titanium. Carbon steel can be used, for instance, to make the lopper flanges and the joint bolts. The thickness of the all-titanium vessel shell must be at least 2 mm

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