Titanium Architecture

In 1791, British scientists discovered titanium in ore deposits. It has been utilized extensively in numerous fields of the national economy and plays a significant role. As time progresses, people’s expectations for urban buildings, particularly their aesthetics, become increasingly stringent. Meanwhile, because the construction industry has developed in recent years, architects have pursued the use […]

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Art Tower Mito Japan

3D Printing for Titanium Alloy

In recent years, 3D printing has become a popular production process. Based on computer model files, it produces objects layer by layer utilizing sticky materials such as powdered metal or plastic. In contrast to conventional manufacturing technology, the 3D printing approach integrates digital information technology with manufacturing technology. On the basis of a 3D model

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3D-print titanium alloy

Water Jet Cutting Titanium

Flame cutting, grinding wheel blade cutting, shearing machine cutting, laser cutting, plasma cutting, and water jet cutting are examples of metal cutting methods. Flame cutting is often not suited for titanium material due to the quick oxidation, nitriding, and hydrogen absorption of titanium at 600 ℃. Different Cutting Methods for Titanium Titanium plate cutting by

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Water jet cutting for titanium products
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