Titanium Leads to a Healthy Life

In recent years, people’s  pursuit of high quality life is getting higher, and more people choose to use healthier products. Therefore, pure titanium daily necessities have also been widely used. Titanium bowls, spoons and cups with light weight and beautiful designs have been favored by the majority of consumers. Advantages of Titanium Civilian Products Health: …

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Titanium daily necessities

Titanium Flanges – An Overview

Titanium Flanges and Piping Flanges are common elements used to connect components within a piping system. Titanium piping and any other piping require a way of connecting the different components that form part of a pipeline, such as the pipes themselves, valves, pumps, filters, among other equipment. Moreover, different elements have different materials and demand …

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Stacks of Recent Titanium Flanges by Standard Titanium Co.
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